The Gospel of God – Part 19

Tragically Adam and Eve compounded their sin by hiding from God. They had lost relationship with Him and were now estranged from Him. They were alienated from Him.

As terrible as that was for them, it was heartbreak for God. He had created them for His pleasure, and given them free will that they might reciprocate His great heart of love for them.

God came calling, “Where are you Adam? Genesis 3:9”. It was not that God did not know where they were. In His omniscience He knew everything. He was not wanting to know where they were geographically, as it were, but rather wanting to know where they were in their heart states before Him. Perhaps – and this is only conjecture – things might have turned out very differently if they had confessed their sin and been honest about what they had done!

God called to Adam first and later addressed Eve as seen in verses 9 and 13. Here is the order of headship seen again. Adam replied that the voice of God, which once they rejoiced to hear, now struck fear into his heart as he became so aware of his nakedness.

The fear of God is an appropriate human response to Him, who in all His splendour and holiness, is Almighty God, who dwells in unapproachable light.

However, where there is no relationship with Him, mankind in all his sinfulness, stands in terror at His presence, his spiritual nakedness exposed.