Local Network

N.B. Most of the links on this page are internal to the local network at Longcroft and will not work if the page is being accessed from outside.


Miscellaneous Links

Network Devices

Static IP Addresses

The following table lists the static IP addresses allocated on the local network. DHCP addresses are allocated from upwards on the main router and on the sound mixer router. Main Router Main Network Switch Access Point – Hub Access Point – Hive Access Point – Loft Access Point – Meeting Room Access Point – Dining Room (N.B. no local management interface) Computer – LCF-Desktop1 (Meeting Room) Computer – LCF-Desktop2 (Office) Computer – LCF-Desktop3 – (Sunday School / Upstairs Hive) Computer – LCF-Desktop4 (Sunday School / Downstairs Hub) Computer – LCF-Desktop5 (Sunday School / Upstairs Hub) Router for Sound Mixer * Sound Mixer Server – LCF-Server1

* – The router for the sound mixer will normally be disconnected from the main network, so that this and the mixer will operate as a separate network. Addresses within the main subnet are used however so that it can linked into the main network as and when required.

Cable Connections

The following table lists all CAT5 cable connections currently installed on the premises at Longcroft. Each connection should be physically labelled at both ends for identification. For connections that form part of the main computer network, the ID is prefixed with the letter ‘N’. For other connections (e.g. carrying services such as VGA, HDMI or USB), the ID is prefixed with the letter ‘X’.

N1,N2,N3,N4 Main Switch to Upstairs Office
N5 Main Switch to Jo’s Room
N6 Main Switch to Loft
N7 Main Switch to Flat (Lounge)
N8 Main Switch to Downstairs Office (currently just acting as a through link to N17)
N9,N10 Main Switch to Sound Desk Area
N11,N12,N13,N14 Main Switch to Upstairs Office
N15,N16 Main Switch to Dining Room
N17 Main House to Annexes (Downstairs Office to Hub Switch)
N18,N19 Hub Switch to Downstairs Hive
N20,N21 Hub Switch to Upstairs Hive
N22 Main Switch to Wireless AP in Meeting Room
X1,X2 Sound Desk Area to Dining Room
X3,X4 Sound Desk Area to Baptistery Area (N.B. X3 is currently spare and not fully installed)