The Gospel of God – Part 4

I have chosen to entitle this series the gospel of God to firmly place the emphasis on God.

What is the essential message of the gospel?

The word gospel means good news.
Why is the gospel good news? To whom is it good news?
Is it so that we might feel better about ourselves having received good news?
Is the Christian message, portrayed in the gospel, about me being blessed and helped to build up my self-esteem?
Isn’t the gospel helpful in me finding peace and meaning in life?
Isn’t it all about the love of God to man(kind)?
Isn’t it about me finding my true potential, my personal fulfilment?

What does the gospel tell us about mankind in relation to God?

Let’s remind ourselves before going any further that we are thinking about the gospel of God.

The gospel is God’s revelation of Himself. It is about His self-disclosure, and why He chose to do that.

So in the Gospel of God part 5 we will go right back to the beginning and think about God.