Pocket Sized Thoughts – Temptation – Part 11

When he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10).

Of all men in the Bible (apart from the Lord Jesus Himself) Job experienced some of the most intense sufferings and temptations. There is a progression of loss from possessions, relationships, then marriage to finally his own health. In all of this, Job never knew the reason for his losses. Friends try to comfort and explain but their words are unhelpful and do more harm than good. A few verses earlier Job cries out that he wished he knew how to find God. Then, he rises to this supreme statement. He comes to the point that his life is hidden in God and that He is not His own. God is working a higher and greater purpose way beyond what Job himself can see. In our lives God works according to His good desire (Philippians 2:13 – written from prison!). Blessed is the man who understands this and graciously submits to it. The gold of godliness is the end result.

PRAYER – “Help me to be pliable to the working of your hands in my life.”