Pocket Sized Thoughts – Temptation – Part 9

This night there stood with me an angel of God.” (Acts 27:23 ; see also Acts 23:11)

This was one of the most dramatic stories in Paul’s life. On their way to Rome by ship a tremendous storm engulfed them. The soldiers and sailors did their utmost to save the ship. When trial is most intense, the temptation is to do something. Paul’s reaction is quite different. When all other natural lights had been extinguished, there deep in the bowels of the vessel, he was still and waiting for the light of God’s word. It was only when he heard God’s voice speak to him that he then knew what to do. Do we wait? Or, do we panic? Psalm 46:10 tells us to be still and know. This is not pious inaction but a disposition of heart that is tuned to hear the voice of Him that brings peace in every situation and guidance through every storm.

PRAYER – “Lord, teach me to hear your voice when things are hardest.”