Pocket Sized Thoughts – Song of Solomon – Part 12

As she now begins to enter into the full maturity of unrestrained communion with Christ, her thoughts no longer turn indulgently upon herself. There is no self-interest anymore. Her love in Christ is so strong and inclusive (never exclusive), she begins to look to another who is sadly incomplete (8:8). She intercedes to her heavenly husband as to what can be done. If this ‘little sister’ is a common wall, she wants to adorn her with silver; if she is an ordinary wooden door, she wants to enrich her with boards of cedar wood. The love of Christ constrains us as to how to reach others so that they too may know His love. It is for His service and His kingdom that we have been saved and brought into union and communion with Christ. Thus, we would see His kingdom come and His name glorified. The prayer to make haste (8:14) is that the Lord Jesus should quickly come and do all these things in our lives.

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me to see that I am not my own, but that I am bought with a price. Therefore, let my whole mind, body and spirit be used to glorify you for evermore. Amen!”