Pocket Sized Thoughts – Song of Solomon – Part 8

In Christ’s description of His bride, He compares her to a garden, closed and locked down with no flowing water (4:12). His tender touch is needed to make the waters flow, so that the plants may thrive. But, the cold north winds of trials are also needed (4:16), but they only come at His suggestion and with her permission. Vernalisation is a botanical term that refers to a period of cold, such as winter, which is needed before the buds and blossoms of spring can burst forth. Don’t avoid, or overprotect yourself from difficulties. With the chief Gardener, the Husbandman, in control we can embrace every trial, knowing that His character will be formed in us, making the ‘garden’ of our lives more and more beautiful for Him.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that you care enough to prune from my life all that does not produce fruit for you.”