Pocket Sized Thoughts – Song of Solomon – Part 5

The unsurpassed communion of life with Christ can be, sadly, all too easily broken. God desires that we live in the full ‘daylight’ of His love and grace. Events can happen in the ‘night’ that cause us to wonder where He has gone (3:1). Frets turn to worry as we rise up and seek Him. She looks in the ‘broad’ places of the world. This is the wrong place, so it is no surprise that she does not find Him there. Our communion with Christ is not of this world and therefore, the world cannot help us. Things come to disturb us and the enemy is always ready to spoil our communion with Him. God knows how vulnerable we are. Do not be afraid of the changes which ‘night’ brings. Rest and trust in the truth of His word and He shall quickly come to comfort.

PRAYER :- “Lord, you know my fears, but thank you, that your perfect love casts out every fear.”