Pocket Sized Thoughts – Song of Solomon – Part 2

Unwisely, the prospective bride considers herself and all she can see is her own disqualifications, which are as dark as the tents of Kedar. Kedar was a son of Ishmael (Genesis 25:13), a child of the flesh and thus, would have no hope of entering the courts of the King and sitting in the company of His own people. The way in is by the way of the Shepherd; His sheep hear His voice, which is the voice of re-assurance. Though there are disqualifiations, He re-assures her that she is welcome and will be made acceptable by the gold of divine work in her and the silver price of redemption (1:11). His death (referred to as myrrh in 1:12) pays the price and makes us totally accepted with the King and His beloved ones. There is no other way. What are we looking at to get ourselves ‘qualified’?

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me not to look at myself and my own failings, but to look to you and all that you have done for me by your life and by your death.”