Pocket Sized Thoughts – Psalm 119 – Part 13

Psalm 119:145-160 “I cried with my whole heart” (v.145)

We cry out when all seem against us. At such times, it is only the Word of God that gives comfort and hope. This is because His word is something we know intimately, deep down, established right from the beginning (v.152, 160); it is not something we are just casually familiar with. When we cry, we are to cry from the heart (v.145). To whom do we cry out, but only to the Lord (v.146); and when is the best time to cry? – before we are conscious of anything else (v.147). God answers and rescues us from our enemies by being near to us (v.151) – there is no greater comfort than that. The quickening effect of the Word, His righteous judgments and His tender mercies (v.154,156, 159) encourages when things are not going the way we think they should. These qualities of Christ all help in deliverance from all those who persecute and from all kinds of various trouble. Those who do not seek the God’s Word and obey it are classified as men who fall far short of God’s glory, blessing and intentions. Salvation is unknown to them and we grieve for them. They who know the value of God’s word, know that it will endure forever and never diminish (see Luke 16:17).

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that Your established word will outlive all the oppositions of men.”