Pocket Sized Thoughts – Psalm 119 – Part 11

Psalm 119:113-128 “I love Your commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold” (v.127)

The Word of God guards the heart from the folly of vanity causing it to separate from all the evil that would entice it. The way is often slippery and without help we would fall. However, we are upheld by something that is not of ourselves (v.116). The weakness of the flesh and vanity of the world is like dross and is only fit for removal. Dross obscures the glory of pure metal; likewise, trusting in anything of the world leads to deception and failure. Inadvertently, we may nullify God’s commandments. Therefore, it is time for God to revive and judge so that His Word may have its rightful place in our lives; even more than the finest gold, that is, the things which have all the appearance of looking good but lack that essential quality of spirit and life. May our churches abandon polished programmes and finely rehearsed services if His Word is not central and if the Holy Spirit is absent.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that Your Word is the greatest and sweetest treasure that a man can ever have.”