Pocket Sized Thoughts – Psalm 119 – Part 8

Psalm 119:65-80 “You have dealt well with Your servant” (v.65)

Afflictions come which can tempt us to be unfaithful. The testimony of the servant is that, even in difficulties, he has been well dealt with. He has no complaints. Servants can make mistakes, but the Lord still employs them. Though they may be unprofitable, He still pays well and though they may know so little, He will teach them. Trying circumstances can be like a hedge of thorns, keeping us within good pasture to feed upon (Job 5:17) and in a place where wounds can properly heal. Difficulties can teach us – so much depends upon our attitude. When humble, our sins of ignorance can be forgiven (Leviticus 5:18) and thus, we can move on. Self-indulgence brings inner decay, but the Word of God discerns, refines, sustains and fills. It is thus better to learn than rely upon the emptiness of riches. There is a precious humility in knowing that we have been made, so that we may learn from our Creator (v.73). There is no shame in this (v.80) as we live dependent upon His tender mercies (v.77) – this is the greatest motive of life. It is so good and blessed to know that our every breath is because of Him.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that You have made me that I may fully depend upon You.”