Pocket Sized Thoughts – Psalm 119 – Part 7

Psalm 119:49-64 “Your word has quickened me” (v.50)

God’s Word brings comfort and strength in all forms of affliction. The intention of the proud is to divert from the Word of God. Many are the strategies the enemy will use to deflect us from the Word of God. They all seem so plausible and such common sense. You will be mocked if you stay true to Scripture. There are many temptations to deviate from it. There is great mental stress at those who cast the Word/Law behind them, thinking they no longer need it. Even at night in darkest times, the soul cannot go astray if it stays true to the Word of God and obeys it. To those who stay faithful, there is an inheritance (v.57). Obedience should not be delayed as there is a thief (v.61) who knows the importance of the Word and knows how to steal it; note the speed of attack in Matthew 13:19. But to those who obey, there is a fellowship (v.63), which helps one another in following the Lord and obeying His commands.

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me to remain faithful to Your word and to allow none to steal it from me.”