Pocket Sized Thoughts – Psalm 119 – Part 3

Introduction (III) :-

Memory and meditation are mentioned many times in this psalm. It is said that David Livingstone when aged 9 years, won a prize for reciting, from memory, the entire psalm, with only five minor mistakes! Memorization really helps to fix God’s word in our minds, that we can come back to many times and so, further meditate upon it. The ‘LORD’ (Jehovah) is mentioned 22 times ; “walking” (in obedience), 9 times ; “speaking” (truth), 13 times. The Lord’s strength helps us walk in truth so that we may boldly declare His word. Finally, do not be daunted by the length of the psalm. Read it in sections and as you do, let it penetrate and feed your soul; from there, a respect, delight and love for this psalm (and for the whole Word of God) will emerge and grow. May the statement made by the father of Matthew Henry, the well-known Bible commentator of the 18th century, become true for us:- “All grace grows as love to the Word of God grows.” I would encourage you to read the verses referred to, before moving onto the thoughts of the blog.

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me to value Your word above all things and that it should feed and greatly influence my life.”