Pocket Sized Thoughts – Prayer – Part 12

Aaron and Hur held up his [Moses’] hands … and his hands were steady …” (Exodus 17:12)

This is one of the earliest examples of corporate prayer. Even as great a man as Moses was, he became tired with praying and lifting up his hands while Joshua fought the battle in the valley below. We have all experienced weariness and discouragement in prayer. There is often the temptation to give up. Just when the enemy seemed to be winning, two great priestly helpers came alongside to help. They held up Moses’ hands so that he could continue praying until the end of the day and see the victory won. All of us need this kind of help. None can continue alone. This is one of the wonderful benefits of the Body of Christ. We strengthen and encourage one another. And often, it is from those members who seem less prominent that the greatest source of strength is derived. As part of God’s church, use your priestly privilege in praying for and thus, strengthening others.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that you have put me in a Body so that others can pray with me and I can pray for others.”