Pocket Sized Thoughts – Patience – Part 6

Returning to Numbers chapter 9, the most difficult thing was the period of waiting. Though the length of stay was not known, one thing was absolutely certain …. God was with them. In all our waiting, God has promised never to leave us alone. The wilderness was far from being the most exciting place on the planet. Those who patiently waited in faith, learned to look to Him. They became thankful for all that God had done in past deliverances and thankful for His present, continual provision. Some were God conscious, knowing that He would never fail them. Knowing that God was present was far greater than getting up and going without His presence. Are we drawing nearer to Him during times of waiting? He is worth waiting for. Really knowing Him and His loving kindness is better than anything else.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that you never leave me alone. Teach me to learn more about you in times of waiting.”