Pocket Sized Thoughts – Patience – Part 5

It is not knowing how long a trial will last that brings the greatest temptations. It reminds me of my first trip to Africa, many years ago. I had to pass through Lagos, Nigeria (a daunting prospect for a 21 year old on his own). I met a group of Egyptians at the airport who were waiting for their flight back to Cairo. Flight delays were common. I asked them how long they had been waiting. “17” was the answer. “Hours?” “No”, they replied, “17 days!” They had been sitting on the floor in a corner of the airport all that time and were at the mercy of airline they were using. We do not wait on the whims of circumstance, or any inefficiency, neither are we the subjects of random chance. We are in the hands of a good and loving God. If He delays, there is a very, very good reason for it. This gives us hope. Therefore, as the psalmist says in Psalm 40:1, let us wait patiently for Him, or as the margin says, “in waiting, I waited.” Because God was in it, he waited in purpose.

PRAYER :- “Lord, there is no shame in waiting for you; teach me and help me to do it.”