Pocket Sized Thoughts – Patience – Part 4

When the children of Israel were passing through the wilderness, they were guided with a cloud by day and by fire at night. When the cloud stopped moving, the people set up camp. Numbers 9:22 tells us that this period of camping could be two days, a month, or even a whole year. At the beginning of every setting up of camp, they were never told how long it was going to be. If they knew ahead of time, then they could plan. The test was not knowing. Then, the temptation would be to do something. No doubt rumours would have abounded as to how long they would have to wait while some would have made predictions that come tomorrow, all would change. What do we listen to and what guides us? Patience bears things and waits, even in times of great uncertainty. Patience can wait because it knows that there is great God that is worth waiting for.

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me to listen to you in every period of uncertainty in my life.”