Pocket Sized Thoughts – Patience – Part 1

God is not just a God of power and love, etc., but also a God of patience (Romans 15:5) and He wants to communicate that patience to us. One way this happens is by the testing of our faith. The test itself does not produce patience, but our attitude and reactions under that test certainly do. That is why James 1:4 says let patience have its perfect, complete and entire work. If we get frustrated half way through the test, impatience rather than patience will be the result. We will fail and will probably have to ‘re-sit’ the test. Therefore, allow patience to have its perfect work. Don’t resist, fight back or kick against the test (you will only hurt your feet!). Allow the test to do its work of patience in you and you will be complete, lacking nothing. By this, you will possess your souls (Luke 21:19) and not lose your crown (James 1:12).

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me to see what you are doing.”