Pocket Sized Thoughts – Jude – Part 4

They are dangerous blemishes in your gatherings of love.” (v.12)

Jude gives three more examples to warn against corrupting influences. Cain was motivated by envy, ignored God’s warning and mortally wounded his brother. He probably did not intend to kill his brother, but the corrupting power of sin overcame him. We may not physically kill someone, but beware lest we kill a good person’s name by envious gossip. Balaam was motivated by greed. Though ‘gifted’ by God, he used the ‘gift’ for his own selfish ends. Beware of gifting and popularity lest the love of money takes root and leads to all kinds of evil. Korah was motivated by ambition. He wanted to be leader at the expense of Moses. No doubt fuelled by good ideas and seeming unfairness, he took too much upon himself and stepped outside God given boundaries. They all, like a noisy sea, promise much but they fail and are like clouds without rain and trees who bear bitter fruit. These are all dangerous blemishes which can affect our meetings. The word for ‘spots’ (KJV) actually means hidden reefs, or sunken rocks, upon which a ship, unwaringly, can easily be wrecked. Jude is warning against these invisible dangers so that Christian gatherings are kept in love and purity.

PRAYER :- “Lord, guard my heart against every corrupting influence which the enemy tries to sow and keep me pure for You.”