Pocket Sized Thoughts – Jude – Part 3

The Lord rebuke you.” (v.9)

Jude goes onto warn against speaking evil of those in positions of authority, whether it be temporal upon the earth, or eternal in spiritual realms. We are never to be presumptuous. Using the example (not previously found in the Bible) of a dispute over the body of Moses, the archangel Michael does not act presumptuously but says to the devil, “The Lord rebuke thee.” By doing this, he leaves the matter in the hands of God. When we enter into the realms of the supernatural, unless we are certain that we go in the name of the Lord of hosts, we can entangle ourselves in all kinds of corrupting influence. It is better to abide in truth than to delve into things where even angels fear to tread. Be careful. There are things we don’t understand and are not meant to understand, but by remaining confident in the Lord, we shall be kept safe.

PRAYER :- “Lord, give me wisdom and humility when I am engaged in things beyond my understanding.”