Pocket Sized Thoughts – Jude – Part 2

I will, therefore, remind you.” (v.5)

Jude uses several examples of the corrupting influence of those who were ‘not in the truth.’ These are serious warnings and Jude took the opportunity to remind them once more, in case, by forgetfulness, those warnings lose their sharp focus and become blurred. Jude mentions those, who through unbelief, died in the wilderness and never entered the land of promise. Their unbelief and grumbling affected a whole generation which led to nearly forty years of aimless wanderings. Then, there were the angels who left their position of bliss in the presence of the Lord, by being deceived by Satan. They were not forced out, but ‘left’, stepping outside the boundaries set for them by God. They would be judged as would the people of Sodom and Gomorrah for their sin. Notice how they influenced the cities around them (v.7) and though God destroyed them with fire, they would still face the eternal fire of judgment. All these examples show how corruption can spread. Leaders must be vigilant in the churches over which God has given them responsibility while individuals, likewise must be vigilant in their own lives, in case that which was formerly shunned, is allowed to become permissible. May the Lord help us not to compromise.

PRAYER :- “Lord, keep me ever mindful not to compromise with sin.”