Pocket Sized Thoughts – Jude – Part 1

You should earnestly contend for the faith.” (v.3)

Jude is thought to be an actual brother of the Lord Jesus. But now, he describes himself as a servant of Jesus Christ. As such, one of his main concerns (and the reason for writing his letter) was that the truth of the gospel should not be compromised, diluted, or discredited in any way. He exhorted his readers to contend, or (more accurately) to distinguish, or discern the truth, from all imposters, so as to maintain the distinctiveness of it. Jude recognised that imposters ever sought to gain credibility in the church. If such error was to announce itself openly, then it could be identified and easily dealt with. But, the task is made more difficult by the fact that such error and the people who promote it are not up-front and trustworthy, but creep in, disguised, camoflaged and almost unnoticed (v.4). They gain a foothold, become credible and eventually have a voice in the church, which leads to further subverting influence. It is these things that Jude tells his readers to be aware of. The church is not to be gullible and deceived, but neither is it to be harsh and legalistic. It is to live in the truth and discern, and all to be done in a spirit of pure love.

PRAYER :- “Lord, help us to recognise error by living whole-heartedly in the truth of your word.”