Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 30

Love the Lord your God.” (23:11)

Joshua is now old and his time on earth has almost come to an end. His work is done and now the Lord’s work must be carried on by another. The last two chapters of the book that bears his name are mainly his final words. Firstly, he speaks to the elders, judges and heads of Israel. There is no one successor to Joshua but they are to be as the spiritual guardians of the nation. Joshua’s words are those of warnings and promises. The central exhortation is two-fold :- listen and love (v.11). They were to listen to God’s commands and ensure that they first were to be above reproach. If they failed, or disobeyed in any way, how could they possibly guide the nation? And, they were to love the Lord. If God was the first affection in their hearts, they would avoid anything to displease Him. If love for God was strong, they would not seek satisfaction anywhere else. True love for God will keep us from disobedience and keep us from idols. May the Lord truly help us to love the Lord first and foremost, not to leave that primary place and substitute love for Him with other things. How vital this is if the work of God is to go forward with good success and so, not to know the shame of defeat.

PRAYER :- “Lord, let my love for You be always stronger than a love for anything else.”