Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 29

They gave the Levites out of their own inheritance” (21:3)

No portion of land was given to the Levites as the Lord Himself was their inheritance. However, each tribe set aside a number of cities, 48 in total, for the Levites to live in. In this way, the priestly, spiritual service was not in isolation from the rest of the nation, but rather, lived among them. This is God’s way of maintaining His testimony to all people. Monasteries, convents, sanctuaries and even mission stations are alien to the ways of God. He and His ‘ministering’ people are to be totally accessible at all times. With this final allocation, the last work of dividing up the land came to an end. Every word that God had spoken had been fulfilled (v.45); all that He promised had become reality. This is always the case with God’s word and hardly ever the case with man’s. This difference alone should establish our faith in Him. As if to confirm the testimony of God’s faithfulness, there is a lovely picture in verse 11. The city of Arba, which means the ‘Strength of Baal’ had previously belonged to father of all the children of Anak, the giants who had defied Israel and brought so much unbelief into the nation (see Numbers 13:33). This same city, as a result of conquest, was now being given to Levi and thus, a glorious change of use was being observed. The source of Anak, their father, no longer existed – all had changed and the new name, Hebron, meaning ‘Fellowship’ typifies the change of use. Our God is able to transform everything for His new, wonderful and eternal purposes from the degraded purposes of the past.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that You always want those who ‘minister’ to You to dwell in the land.”