Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 28

They shall take him in … and give him a place” (20:4)

As part of the division of the land, the vital importance of allocating the cities of refuge was made early on. Summary/mob justice was not allowed to become a permanent feature in the land; the rule of law must be maintained. Pre-meditated murder had no sanctuary, but death through accident at the hands of another gave the chance to flee to the cities of refuge. It has been said that the roads were kept clear and the bridges in good repair, so that there should no delays in the person’s flight, in case the revenger of blood caught up with him and killed him. Once in the city of refuge, the case was carefully heard by the priests, who stood for mediation. The man who had fled, his life was literally in the hands of the mediators. Only after the closest, fullest and most impartial investigation, could a man’s guilt be confirmed, or annulled. The court of divine justice has and will find us guilty of sin and offending a holy God. Our only hope of appeal and salvation is to flee to our heavenly Mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will assess our case. If our plea for mercy is genuine, He will not turn us away from His grace so as to avoid the punishment of death our sins so surely deserve. It has also been said that there were constant and many signposts pointing the way to the nearest city of refuge. Let us pay heed to those signs and not ignore the clear way to salvation.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that there is such abundant mercy to be found in You.”