Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 27

And the area … was too small for them.” (19:47)

The division of the land proceeds in a fairly routine way until we read about the motivation of the tribe of Dan (v.47). Here is faith and a heart reminiscent of that of Joshua and Caleb of old. Routinely, they were given their borders, but then they came to conclusion that their inheritance was too small for them. Rather than lodge a complaint, they stirred themselves into immediate action. Without delay (perhaps taking to heart Joshua’s words of the previous chapter), they rose up and took Leshem, making it their own by re-naming it after their own name. Thus , the transfer of ownership becomes complete. Leshem means fortress and it would have stood as a perpetual reminder of the inadequacies of faith in the Lord’s people. This, the tribe of Dan would not tolerate. They could have thought, “Oh, this will do, it’s enough.” But, they had a heart of holy dissatisfaction, went out, conquered and thus, enlarged their border. Are we content in lesser things? Does God not want to add to that which we already have? If our sphere of faith and godly influence is too small, then, instead of complaining, let us seek the Lord as to how our ‘border’ can be enlarged.

PRAYER :- “Lord, let me always see that there is more to be known of You and done for You.”