Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 26

How long are you slack to possess the land.” (18:3)

As the land became subdued, worship was re-established at Shiloh where the Tabernacle was once more set up. As they became focussed and God-centred once more, the word of exhortation and rebuke rang out loudly in their ears. “How long will you delay before possessing the land which the Lord has given you?” It was a very valid question and not to be dismissed. There is a danger that we can slacken off in our Christian lives, especially if we become weary and tired in the work. As we worship the Lord, we must allow for words of exhortation, rebuke, correction, encouragement, etc. God needed to speak, through Joshua, to the people again, reminding them of their God-given responsibility to possess that which, through Him, was theirs. We must not settle back and allow the status quo of mediocrity to dominate and determine our lives. There is no shortage in the work of the Lord. Let us gather round Him and His throne to receive fresh vision and strength and allow the word of God inspire us to stir ourselves up again to go out and conquer once again in His name.

PRAYER :- “Lord, let my faith be real and do not let me slide into spiritual complacency.”