Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 25

If you are a great people …” (17:15)

Like their twin brother Ephraim, the half tribe of Manasseh also failed to drive out all the former inhabitants of the portion of land allotted to them. They complained about their inheritance. Quite rightly, Joshua challenges them. He says in effect, “If you are a great as you say you are, then go and prove it.” There was plenty of land still to go around, though giants with chariots of iron stood in the way. A different strategy was needed as they cut down trees to make a way into the centre of their inheritance. Don’t rely upon past achievements, or even present reputation. Be exhorted and arise. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might and drive out those things, habits and sins which have stayed far too long in the ‘land’ which God has given you to inherit. There is so much to possess and to be done for God and His Name. What a privilege to be invited into this great work – let us not fail Him in any way.

PRAYER :- “Lord, let my words be backed up by reality so that my faith be genuine.”