Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 22

There remains still very much land to be possessed.” (13:1)

As Joshua reached old age, the work of conquering had not yet been completed; much land still remained to be possessed. Our work is only done when God takes us to Himself. We must never rest on past laurels of victory; to do so would be to invite trouble indeed. While we sleep the enemy is active. In this sense, there is no retirement in the kingdom of God. The time will come when we are physically unable to do things but God wants us to be always in that fighting frame of mind to our last breath, the sword of prayer still held strongly in our hand. In this, the example of Caleb stands out prominently. Forty years he had waited and all through that time of delay and possible frustration, his consistent, undying testimony was that he “wholly followed the Lord” (14:8). He was as strong in his 85th year as he was in his fortieth. His body was older but his faith was undiminished. The promise still held good and as a ‘reward’, he was given Hebron, a key, central city in the land. We don’t have to wait until we are 85, but let the example of Caleb inspire us to greater exploits when naturally we may have been written off by some. There is still much to be done in and for the kingdom of God, even by older, ‘retired’ people.

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me to whole-heartedly follow You, without holding back, even in my old age.”