Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 20

Be not afraid because of them” (11:6)

The campaign of invasion now switches to the north of Canaan. The armies of Israel faced a new weapon, that of horses and chariots. But, not even these strong weapons of war were any match for the armies of the living God. Even the head of several kingdoms, the chief, also fell before them. Joshua did everything as the Lord commanded and he had the remarkable testimony that he left nothing undone which the Lord commanded him. The battle was long and hard but Joshua’s and Israel’s armies did not seem to tire or grow weary. Even ‘principalities in high places’ (the Anakim from the mountains, v.21) were also defeated. All fell before Joshua, not immediately, but it was even as God spoken before and promised to Moses. Finally, for the new nation of Israel as a whole, by means of much war, the land had rest. It was now ready to be divided and inhabited. The corrupting influence of evil practices had been removed. When sin is cleansed and evil overcome, the sanctifying work of the gospel can begin.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that no matter how strong, or many the enemy is, You are always greater.”