Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 19

Put your feet upon the necks of these kings.” (10:24)

While their confederate armies were being destroyed, the five kings hid in a cave. When they were brought out, Joshua commanded the captains and leaders of Israel to put their feet upon their necks. It was a visible demonstration of what the Lord had done through them on that elongated day. After they were hung, the bodies of the five kings were put back in the cave which was sealed with very large stones. Their enemies were not only destroyed but now fully out of sight. God wants us to be strong and not fear, nor give up under the pressure of repeated attacks. Be strong in faith and let people know that God is with you by putting enemies under your feet and not having them ruling over you, nor have any tongue speak against you. More cities and kings are taken, while special notice is made of Debir ( = ‘accuser’). This particular enemy will appear more than once to disturb and attack the church. But, it also is utterly destroyed by Joshua and Israel. After all the campaign, they return to Gilgal, the place of circumcision, indicating that they were placing no confidence in the strength of the flesh. By utter dependence upon and faith in Christ, constant victory and unlimited success against those things that come against His people and that He has appointed for total destruction.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that You want each one of us to be strong in You and not to be afraid.”