Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 18

Not a man of them will stand before you.” (10:9)

Adonizedek was the king of Jerusalem at that time. Eventually, God would reveal that Jerusalem was the place where he had chosen that He should reign and put His name there. But back then, it was occupied by another king. There are many usurpers and Adonizedek was one. Motivated by fear, he forms a confederacy with four other kings. Their names are full of meaning :- Hosham means ‘crowds’; Piram is ‘wild’; Japhia is ‘high’ or ‘exalted’; while Debir means ‘whisperer’ or ‘accuser’; if ever there was, these are a league of enemies coming to attack and disrupt the church. They set up camp against the Gibeonites, Israel’s new covenant partner. Being faithful to the covenant, the Israelites come to the aid of the Gibeonites and the Lord promises Joshua victory. Two remarkable miracles are recorded. The first is that God sends great hailstones which kill many of the enemy. The second miracle is that by the word of Joshua, the sun stood still, giving light while the army of Israel pressed home the victory. No matter how strong, varied, or complex the attack, God can take us by a way that leads to victory. It may be by direct divine intervention (the hailstones), or by the boldness of faith in the heart of a man. The attacks of the enemy are many, but much more are the deliverances of the Lord.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that no-one can stand against us when we truly believe in You.”