Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 15

Stretch out the spear that is in your hand.” (8:18)

Once the sin in the camp had been properly and radically dealt with, the people of God are ready to move forward as God assures them that the city and king of Ai will fall. The last attack in chapter 7 was done almost complacently; not many were sent because they thought the victory would be easy (7:3). Chastened by the bitter defeat, this second time they were to make no mistake; 30,000 of the bravest soldiers were chosen. Also, there was to be the very different strategy of ambush. Joshua and those with him deliberately exposed himself so as to draw the enemy away and into a false sense of security. As they pretended to flee at precisely the right moment, God told Joshua to stretch out his spear toward the city. This was the signal for the ambushers to arise and set fire to the city. In dismay, the people of Ai looked back and realised that their fate was sealed. The battle is a picture of the Lord Jesus who went into a ‘valley’ alone (v.13), exposing Himself and making Himself a type of victim. He took the full onslaught of the enemy, so that others may arise and claim the victory because of what He has done. We could never have faced what the Lord Jesus faced; let us give thanks for that but also that we should arise and receive all that He has done and gone through on our behalf. Let our faith not fall short by diminishing His amazing work on the cross.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that You took the wrath of the enemy, so that we may know victory in our lives.”