Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 13

Achan … took the accursed thing.” (7:1)

In chapter 6 verse 18, just prior to the destruction of Jericho, Joshua had given a very strict order that everyone was to keep themselves from the ‘accursed thing.’ What it was precisely, we are not told, but it was some form of idol, which God had appointed for total destruction. Because of it, the inhabitants of Jericho had become accursed and eventually destroyed; and the same would apply to any Israelite who took it. Success can be as much (and even more) a temptation to sin as defeat. Such was the case of Achan who secretly took the accursed thing for himself. He said that first he saw the accursed thing, then he coveted it which led to him taking it and hiding it (v.21). We must be so careful what we look at with our eyes. At first, no-one knew or was any the wiser for what Achan had done. But, such acts cannot be hidden for long. Defeat revealed it and it is very possible that God graciously, reluctantly allowed the defeat at Ai to bring to light as to what Achan had done. As long as the accursed thing was in the camp (even though hidden), there could be no further victory. The sin of one man affected the whole and only when really dealt with did victory come again.

PRAYER :- “Lord, keep my yes pure for You, so that no sinful thing finds its way into my life.”