Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 11

The wall fell down flat.” (6:20)

God had spoken the word that the city would be given into the hand of Joshua. The promise was absolutely guaranteed, but the nation of Israel still had their part to play; their response was obedience and faith. For six consecutive days they encircled the city once. The inhabitants of Jericho must have been mystified to see the whole nation, priests and soldiers among them, walk in silence around the city, then return to their camp, doing apparently nothing. The only sound was that of the trumpets and the ram’s horns. No human voice was heard. The temptation was to go ahead and do something …. anything but to wait and be silent. But that was what they had been commanded to do. On the seventh day, they walked around the city seven times, then on the seventh occasion, preceded by a long blast upon the trumpets, Joshua commanded the people to shout. When they shouted, the walls fell and the army rushed into Jericho and killed everyone except Rahab and her family. In prayer (whether together in prayer meetings, or alone), the temptation is to stir up excitement. Better to wait for that certain note of the Spirit from heaven because if the trumpet gives an unclear sound, none can prepare themselves for the true battle of intercession (1 Corinthians 14:8). But, if the right note of the Spirit is there, no weapon of the enemy can prosper and no resisting thing of the powers of darkness can withstand the power of God’s people when they truly pray in the Spirit. This occurred in Acts 4 when God turned threats of imprisonment into glorious liberty. May we learn these lessons and pray accordingly.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that You can destroy the hardest of strongholds.”