Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 10

As Captain of the Lord’s host, I am now come.” (5:14)

To really confirm their entrance into the new, promised land Jericho had to be defeated. As said before it was an impenetrable fortress – none went out and none could go in. To defeat it seemed impossible. As Joshua was considering this, a man appeared before him with his sword drawn in his hand. Thinking it was an enemy, Joshua challenged Him. The man revealed to Joshua who he was. To Moses as legislator, God appeared as the Lawgiver; to Joshua, as a soldier, God appeared as the Captain of the army. The Jericho’s we face are truly impossible; we cannot possibly hope to defeat them in our own power. We need a Captain, a leader of the Lord’s host, with all the angels of God at his beckon call. Such a man is Christ, who destroyed death by rising from the grave. He alone can destroy the impregnable citadels of our lives, causing the most ancient, well-established and thickest of walls to fall down so that not one stone remains upon another. Let us trust Him to do as He did to Jericho with every sin in our lives.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that as my Captain, You conquer very enemy; I willingly follow.”