Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 8

All may know … that the hand of the Lord is mighty.” (4:24)

To symbolise this passage of death into resurrection life, one man from each tribe was selected to carry a stone from the middle of where the river Jordan was to the side on which they now stood. This memorial of twelve stones was a constant reminder of God’s work of bringing the people to His desired destination. As the last of the people passed over, the priests carrying the ark could finally move and also enter the land. The Ark had done its work in ensuring a safe passage over. The waters of the river returned but the twelve stones remained; 12 stones going in and 12 different stones coming out. Thus, is the work of the Lord. He intends to bring us right through. Nothing is to be left on the other side. Our lives, like the stones are to be constant testimony to the power of God in translating us from one kingdom, a kingdom of pointless wandering, to another, a kingdom of glorious light (1 Peter 2:9) where God’s presence is continuous. Such lives are to speak to all the world that such change is entirely due to the mighty hand of God (v.24) and nothing to do with the effort and hand of man. Such a changed life also causes despair among or enemies as few other things do (5:1). Has the Spirit of God done these things in us?

PRAYER : “Lord, thank you that this new life in Christ is a result of Your mighty hand and not ours.”