Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 6

“When you see the ark … go after it.” (3:3)

As Joshua contemplates the future, the focus of the nation is shifted to the ark. When the ark, which typifies the presence of God, moves, then the people were to arise and “go after it (v.3).” Years of waiting were now at an end. Though they were going a new way and into new territory, they were assured of the Lord’s presence in the form of the ark. As the ark began to move, the response of the people was to obey the command to sanctify themselves. God was about to do a great thing in causing the waters of the river Jordan to cease flowing. God, as it were in the form of the ark, was passing ahead of them. They were to follow, but they had to be a sanctified people who followed. Everything displeasing to the Lord had to be left on the further bank of the river; it could not come into the new inheritance. Everything had to be new. Nothing unclean could enter the land. Are we a sanctified people? Do we have such a clear vision of God’s presence that removing every questionable thing from our lives is not just a necessity but a delight? This work magnified Joshua in the sight of the people. Our wholehearted, sanctified response will magnify our heavenly Joshua, the Lord Jesus Christ.

PRAYER :- “Lord, keep my vision of You always clear so that I follow You without fear, or doubt.”