Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 4

“I know that the Lord has given you the land …” (2:9)

Of all the people who lived in Jericho, only a prostitute who lived in a poor dwelling on the wall, had faith to obtain salvation. Everyone knew of Israel’s invincibility; they had heard and such knowledge brought fear and dismay (v.11,12). It seems strange that the inhabitants of Jericho, knowing their fate, did not seek some kind of negotiation and mercy which would have spared them. But their pride and arrogance prevented them from humbling themselves. Rahab was of a different order. Used to being ill-treated, she had nothing to lose. Like everyone else, she had heard the reports of Israel’s victories. Unlike everyone else, she sought mercy and obtained it. The conclusions and reasoning she had reached caused her to intercede for herself and her family. In exchange for helping the spies, she was given the guarantee of the token of red thread which she was to hang from the window of her poor property. Her faith, as it were, hung upon a thread. But it was a thread that was not to break and guaranteed salvation for her. Not only salvation, but her name goes down as one of the few women mentioned who were direct ancestors of the Lord Jesus (Matthew 1:5). We may hear similar things to everyone else but it is what we do with them that has such a life changing impact. May the disqualifications of our background not be an impediment to having true faith in God, taking our position as part of God’s people and having our names written. like Rahab’s, in the book of eternal life.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that Your enemies know of Your power; help us not to faint through fear.”