Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 3

“Go, view …” (2:1)

Jericho’s reputation had spread far and wide; it was strong, well populated, walled and ancient. Because it was the first city the nation of Israel faced it was a gateway to possessing the whole land. If Israel had failed to conquer Jericho then they would have proceeded no further. There may be things and sins in our lives that appear well fortified, ancient, well established and seemingly impossible to overcome. They stand in defiance of us growing and progressing any further into all of God’s promises and inheritance. But conquer it/them, I must. Spies were sent to scout any weakness, which was found out from the unlikely source of a woman prostitute. God knows in advance where weaknesses lie. Do not give up at the sight and in the face of the seemingly impossible. He has allowed such obstacles so that you may overcome and possess them. What joy, hope and courage it brings when such obstacles and impossibilities fall, not just to ourselves but to all who are with us.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that there is no barrier, obstacle, or sin to you that is too great to overcome.”