Pocket Sized Thoughts – Joshua – Part 2

“This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth.” (1:8)

Another vital qualification for doing God’s work is a thorough practical knowledge, deep respect and love for the Bible, “this book of the Law.” It was not to depart from Joshua but become an indivisible part of his life. Its truth was to be the very atmosphere he breathed by meditating in it day and night. Too many enter upon God’s work with great ideas or a mere academic knowledge of the Scriptures. If this be the case, it will lead men nowhere except into unbelief and despair. But where there is a deep love and great desire to not only know what God is saying, but also to do it, then such a man will know the hand of the Lord with Him. With the word of God in his heart, he will have good ground for not only being strong and courageous, but unafraid and not dismayed when inevitable discouragements emerge. The Bible in our lives prepares the way ahead. Better to learn it while young, rather than thinking we will learn it all when we are appointed into a position of responsibility. May God give us grace to make these things a priority in our lives.

PRAYER :- “Lord, give grace, I ask, to consistently read your word year by year.”