Pocket Sized Thoughts – Habakkuk – Part 7

O Lord, revive your work …” Habakkuk 3:2

The final chapter of Habakkuk is his own prayer. Faith had been challenged, but communion with God remained unaltered. Habakkuk had a deep love for the religious institutions of his day, but he wanted them to be vibrant with life, rather than just a mere tradition. He mentions that God, the Holy One, came from Teman and Paran. These were desert places where no life grows, but it was from them that God came. As God responds to Habakkuk’s prayer, every geographical feature and natural barrier is overcome and what was once desert is transformed by the very life of God. With revival, there will be salvation, but there will also be justice. God will save, but He cannot overlook evil and will deal with every expression of it. Don’t sink into doubt and depression but allow Him to transform all our ‘desert’ thoughts with His own life.

PRAYER :- “Lord, keep my fellowship with you strong. Keep ‘desert’ thoughts away and breathe your life into me in a fresh way.”