Pocket Sized Thoughts – Habakkuk – Part 6

The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord …” Habakkuk 2:14

In chapter two of Habakkuk, there are five woes (verses 6,9,12,15,19) which highlight specific sins, mostly about greed. Sin drives men to pursue their ambitions at any cost, but they exhaust themselves in doing so. Sin brings misery. Man-made glory is empty and at best, only temporary. The ‘dream’ is unattainable, always just out of reach. Compare that with the glory of the Lord. God’s glory is eternal and comprehensive, stretching out and covering every corner of the earth. This is a knowledge worthy of pursuit and as this knowledge emerges, other ‘knowledge’ fades into obscurity. As the waters cover the sea, there will be no room for any other glory except the Lord’s; other ‘glories’ will be silenced. Faith sees the Lord’s glory and lives for it; it is so much greater than the passing glory of the world.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that your glory is incomparable; help me to pursue you & your glory with all my heart.”