Pocket Sized Thoughts – Habakkuk – Part 4

You are of purer eyes …” Habakkuk 1:13

“How can God allow this?” “Why doesn’t He stop it, or do something about it?” We ask these questions and even blame God when things go wrong. Romans 8:32 says all things work together for good. All things? Really? Yes! For Habakkuk, the big question was how could God use Babylon, an evil empire, to punish Judah? We may have similar ‘big’ questions today. Habakkuk sees men like fish. They swim where they will and often into a net to be finally destroyed. God will use seemingly ‘evil’ things to bring men back to Himself. He used Babylon to bring Judah back to Himself and their senses and who can say whether He is using this pandemic to make men return to Him. God does not act capriciously, randomly, or out of spite, but always with a far better end in view. Do not despair when He appears inactive. He is working in truly marvellous ways, which only eternity will fully reveal.

PRAYER :- Lord, thank you that you are using my circumstances to work greater things in me than I thought possible.