Pocket Sized Thoughts – Habakkuk – Part 3

Are you not from everlasting, O Lord, my God …” Habakkuk 1:12

This second enquiry is more of a statement. Identifiable human history stretches back about 7,000 years. Though we live in the 21st century and have the benefit of hindsight, we cannot know what it was really like in the same way as someone who lived in Habakkuk’s day with all the pressure and various opinions that they faced. We do not know what it was like to live back then. But, God does. He knows. When the verse says that He is from everlasting, it doesn’t just mean that God has been around for a long time. It means that He knows what it is like to live in every age and face every situation. He sees the far greater picture and acts accordingly with wisdom. He says, in effect, “I’m doing more than you realise.” He has not abandoned His throne but is using everything to work for good. Only God can do this; only He has the eternal picture. Can we trust Him ?

PRAYER :- Lord, thank you that we can trust you because you identify with us in every age.