Pocket Sized Thoughts – Habakkuk – Part 1

O Lord, how long shall I cry …” Habakkuk 1:2

One of the great themes in the book of Habakkuk is faith. We shall see how faith is applied to Habakkuk’s life as well as our own. Habakkuk lived at the same time as Jeremiah and prophesied during the reigns of the final kings of Judah. Habakkuk understood that Judah had sinned and was about to be judged by God. What he could not understand was how God was going to use Babylon, a cruel nation, as an instrument of punishment. Habakkuk had many questions and genuine doubts. Before we consider the answers that God gave him, we should pause and reflect on the fact that God answers us at all. He is under no obligation to do so. The fact that He does is truly amazing. Unlike other philosophies and religions, God is never silent. Humanism, materialism, paganism and even atheism all leave us guessing. Only God, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ satisfies the cries of the human heart. He not only hears but also answers our deepest longings and innermost enquiries. This demonstrates real faith in a real God, who gives real answers in everyday real living.

PRAYER :- Lord, thank you that you know and understand even when I do not.