Pocket Sized Thoughts – Esther – Part 5

Esther 4:1-17 “Who knows whether you are come into the kingdom for such a time as this?” (v.14)

Upon hearing the news of Haman’s intentions, Mordecai cried out both loudly and bitterly. It was a prayer of crying out to God. Using the open channels of communication, Mordecai was able to inform Esther of Haman’s evil plan. The natural thing to do was to intercede before the king for the deliverance of her people. But the way seemed closed and there was no possibility of such an intercession being made. But, the way to God’s throne was open. Against this background, Mordecai uttered his famous words, “Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (v.14). The words are inspiring for every true child of God. We have been saved not just to go to heaven, but for a purpose to serve God in our own generation. Esther courageously and self-sacrificially (“If I die, I die”) rose to the challenge, but not without fasting and prayer to prepare for the fact that her life was no longer in her own hands. God has called us and are we willing to lay down our rights to our own lives so that He may gloriously use us for the salvation of others? May we courageously respond not counting our lives precious to ourselves to boldly declare the gospel of the grace of God (Acts 20:24).

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me not to count my life as precious to myself, but to use it for Your glory in helping others.”