Pocket Sized Thoughts – Esther – Part 3

Esther 2:19-23 “Mordecai sat in the king’s gate” (v.21)

As Esther was chosen and began a new life as queen, her cousin and guardian, Mordecai, sat at the gate of the palace. Though he could not enter, he was always in the background, being faithful in his love and watchful in his care for his adopted daughter. Eager for any news about Esther, one day Mordecai hears of a plot against the king. A channel of communication between Mordecai, Esther and the king remained open. Mordecai could have remained silent. The desire for revenge against a king whose empire had forcibly taken him and his people captive would have been motive enough for him to keep quiet. However, compassion and honour, as well as concern for Esther, made him reveal the plot. Mordecai was seeking no reward, but his name was duly recognised as it was written in the chronicles of the king. This was to become a very significant ‘hinge’ point upon which the future lay. Many, many times we will do things for a reward or to look good in the eyes of others. It is far greater to do things faithfully, for the honour of God’s name alone. Being faithful to Him will have its own reward in due time.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that You look after my interests (as Mordecai did to Esther) in a way that no-one else can.”