Pocket Sized Thoughts – Esther – Part 2

Esther 2:1-18 “The king loved Esther above all the other women” (v.17)

In the process of searching for a replacement queen, Mordecai and Esther are introduced. Mordecai’s name means ‘Little Man’; he was to become anything but little, but his name indicates his humility, even though he was from the proud tribe of Benjamin. He had been taken along with thousands of others to start a new life in a strange land. Mordecai had a cousin who had lost both her parents, but was not friendless as Mordecai took the role of adoptive parent. Her name was Esther whose name means star and she was destined to shine brightly in Jewish history. Her Hebrew name was Hadassah, which means Myrtle, an evergreen tree with small, fragrant white flowers; her fragrance and purity never failed. She was brought to the palace and under the watchful eye of an overseer, underwent a purification process of preparing her to be presented without any fault before the king. All was made available for this work and nothing was spared. This is a picture of the sanctifying work of the word of God in preparing the church for her heavenly bridegroom-king (Ephesians 5:26,27). All things are ours in Christ (1 Corinthians 3:21-23) because of His great love to us. Let us avail ourselves, under His watchful eye, of all His grace so as to be worthy of being presented to Him.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that Your love purifies my life from all other loves.”